January 13, 2016 – Wednesday Meeting Recap

Today’s meeting was focused on doing prep-work for the robot and practice game arena. Rookies were integrated into their teams and helped make progress on building prototypes for Stronghold.

The electrical team headed into the wood shop and split up into 2 groups; veteran members such as Ellery and Derick trained first year robotics students to assemble victors, which control the amperage of power allowed through the PD board. In order for the drive team to be able to practice maneuvering a robot, the other half of electrical needed to fix parts of the sled. Programmers worked on configuring the radio for it.


Fabrication team worked diligently for the entire meeting to create and then modify a canon prototype that is able to shoot Stronghold boulders. Another prototype made with surgical tubing continues to be constructed. Other members of the fabrication team took apart an old robot so that 12 inch wheels will be able to fit side by side on the new one. Team #4611 plans to build parts of the game arena at school for practice. Dylan worked on cutting 2x4s that will be used to make platforms for outer defenses in the future.

Building Obstacle Platforms

The design team and other students such as Nick, Tom, and Thomas have continued researching and developing strategies on what the robot will specifically do. The dimensions given for the game arena have been used to create a practice area in the band room.


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