A tribute to Winnie (last years robot) 2015-2016

Today we lost our Dearly deactivated Winfred, she will be missed greatly.


Winfred “Winnie” next to a FRC volunteer.

Let’s have a moment of silence while members of Ozone recall all the heartwarming* moments that we shared with her.

My most fond memory of Winnie is……

Mr. Schmidt: “When she almost decapitated a Referee” (This was in autonomous period, the referee was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time)

Thanvi: “I named her.”

Ganesh: “What did we even do last year?”

Dilan: “I remember Seeing it and thinking Woah”

David: “I mounted it’s claw on the wall”

Mr. Miller: “It was awesome”

Winnie’s claw is currently mounted on the wall of fame next to various other famous and infamous robot parts from years past.


It’s kind of hard to recognize the way it’s hung, but it’s the one that looks like a sickle.

Anyway we need to remember that Winnie would, if she had some form of artificial intelligence, not want her disassembly to take away from the overall FRC experience. So lets look forward. Forward toward next years glorious robot**. onward toward victory!!!


*I personally do not understand why love makes a blood pump warm.

**Which we will have to disassemble next year.

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