January 20, 2016 – Wednesday Meeting Recap

Despite electrical and programming troubles, Team #4611 was able to make great progress today on all of it’s prototypes.

The electrical team stormed the scene, all hands were on deck as everyone tried to get the catapult prototype into a driveable state. No power was going to the roborio and therefore the robot could not move. Members rose to the occasion and by swapping out wires and other components, power was flowing through the robot within 2 hours.

Electrical Team Working on the Catapult
Electrical Team Working on the Catapult

Programming members were then able to communicate with the catapult prototype. Due to this achievement, the drive team was able to have practice time maneuvering the robot and teaching new members how to control it.

The fabrication team is working quickly to create yet another big wheel prototype. Instead of having 2 wheels on the front and dragging across the arena like a sled, the new robot has 4 wheels. This will make it able to go forward and backward more easily. Another group worked with smaller wheels, deciding the best way to go about making them go the appropriate speed.

Fabrication Working on New Big Wheels Prototype
Fabrication Working on New Big Wheels Prototype

Design and fabrication teams are working on plans to make a prototype that will scoop up the boulder for Stronghold. One idea was to have a robot with small wheels push a lever under the ball in order to roll it onto it’s body and then launch it via it’s arm, much like the robot built for aerial assist in 2014.

Early Sled for New Scoop Prototype
Early Sled for New Scoop Prototype

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