January 31, 2016 – Sunday Meeting Recap

A productive day at robotics, programmers were testing code on 2 prototypes, the intake/wheel shooter was completed, and upkeep on other prototypes was maintained.

Programmers began to create code for visual recognition with the catapult prototype. When finished, it will judge how far away the robot is from a certain object but some bugs still need to be fixed with it before it works. Some small electrical and fabrication changes were also made to the catapult. By the end of the meeting programmers were pushing code on the intake chassis.

A PCM on that prototype was fried and had to be replaced by electrical team members. Also, victors needed to be rewired and other wires needed to be cut shorter which required them to take the board off the chassis. Max metal was added behind the intake to hold the boulder so it won’t slip out when it’s unfolded going under the low bar. The intake/wheel shooter itself was tested and worked perfectly to trap boulders in and shoot them back out. Team #4611 plans to mount a visual distance gage on the prototype at a future meeting so drivers know exactly how much power to give the wheel shooter in order to make a goal at different distances. Towards the end of the meeting the large motors on the prototype were swapped out for smaller ones and electricians mounted the board back onto the robot. Fabricators and mentors had to modify the framework of the robot in order to fit wheels onto it.

Modifying Pneumatics
Electrical Members Soldering
Electrical Members Soldering

Fabricators continue to work on the second big 4 wheel chassis and perfect the boulder grabber. They also were able to put pneumatics on the board that was created by the electrical team yesterday.

Second Big Wheel
Second Big Wheel

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