February 1, 2016 – Monday Meeting Recap

Even with minimal hands on deck today and electrical and pneumatics struggles huge progress was made on the wheel shooter and 4 wheel chassis.

On the wheel shooter, the electrical team had to partially take the board off to test the roborio and replace a breaker. Labels also had to be placed on wires so now it’s easy for programmers and electricians to identify what ports they go into. The intake part of the chassis was up too high to grab boulders from the floor and had to be lowered by fabricators. After a couple painstaking hours of surgery, the robot was ready to be tested by the drive team. Programmers, drivers, and electricians all worked together to test code and see which joystick buttons actually controlled what motions on the robot.

Electrical Surgery on Prototype
Electrical Surgery Being Performed on Prototype
Happy Robot Happy Life
Happy Robot Happy Life

On the other chassis, the ball grabber was mounted. Each wheel was working and spinning by the end of the meeting. Other fabricators began to construct the climbing arm that will be used to scale the castle.

Boulder Grabber Chassis
Boulder Grabber Chassis

Programmers were finally able to get the camera working on the catapult prototype! Mounted onto the front, it feeds back images to the driver’s station. Sadly, the success of the prototype was short lived as a pneumatics piece broke off of it while going under the low bar making the catapult unable to fire for the time being.

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