February 3, 2016 – Wednesday Meeting Recap

A major goal for team #4611 was finally accomplished. The programming and fabrication teams were able to get the wheel shooter driving (and broken) today! Progress is still being made on the big wheel chassis, designs for the climbing arm, parts for the wheel shooter and button designs for competition.

Many electrical and coding problems had to be addressed before the robot was drivable. A victor died and needed to be replaced by one taken from the catapult robot, which was dismantled during this meeting, and zip-tied down. Pneumatics and the roborio also had to be fixed from last meeting. They’re were some disparities between how the wheels moved and the code for them but this was easily fixed by rewiring, labeling, and flipping code values. When all the issues were fixed and testing the prototype was possible, the drive team found that it glided over the rough terrain with ease and had a fantastic range of which it can make goals, however, O-ZONE must have good vision and/or a range finder at competition in order to position the robot correctly and score points. When trying to go under the low-bar the scooper got caught and the max-metal broke, this will be fixed next meeting.

Programmers also quickly began creating autonomous code for the wheel shooter and coding for vision acquisition, the range finder, and position control.

The catapult prototype was sadly dismantled and the catapult part was taken off to be put on the big wheel chassis. This takes up more space on the frame and thus the board originally made for it has to be redesigned. The old board was taken apart and broken up into small parts; victors, a PCM and a roborio were wired for it. On the frame itself, fabricators worked on mounting a potentiometer for the boulder grabber, this will regulate the range of motion for the arm.

Taking Apart Old Board
Taking Apart Old Board
Making a New Board
Making a New Board
Wiring Parts for New board
Wiring Parts for New board

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