1-14-17 Ozone Build Season Update

Ozone is making progress, in the fields of fabrication, design, programming, and even media. Yes, that’s right, we here at Ozone are beginning to get the word out about our team. We started with practical applications, by making a video to explain to sponsors what we represent. We are also planning on releasing a teaser trailer, for various school news programs in the district. This project is still relatively young, but our public relations team has plans for it.


The design team also continues to design plans for new robot attachments. Currently they are working on a rotary scoop device for picking up balls for the competition. It’s inspired by an old push mower, and has fins to direct the balls into a rotating scoop and depositing them in our robot’s ball storage. Both the rotating scoop and a conveyor belt design are being prototyped with wood.


The design team working on a ball collection device.


The designers also passed their first plan for a ball shooter off to the fabrication team’s prototyping division. The device has been nicknamed the Mortar, and uses a rapidly rotating wheel to launch balls into a high arc like its namesake. If successfully positioned it can help us make high goals during the competition.


Adjustments to the “Mortar” ball launcher.


The programming team is still working on the RoboRIOs. Despite it seeming like the code team only works on the autonomous capabilities of our robot, they contribute to the robot’s remote control functions too. The RoboRIO also needs to be programmed to properly control our robot’s attachments, some of which run on timers or need regulation.

Pushing code to a new robot chassis.


The driving team is staging another open house demo open to all members. The turnout for this event was much greater than it was on Friday.

The Drive team open house.


Near the end of the meeting, the drive team challenged themselves by operating the robot, without looking. They could only use the webcam built into the robot. This skill will be important during the competition, due to the fact there are large, vision obstructing platforms in the playing field this year. A certain drive team member even took the robot into the hallway, and several rooms beyond that.

Things are off to a good start here at Ozone, and we will half to see what the rest of the weekend has in store.

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