Build Update: Saturday 1/21/2017

Ozone continues to test prototypes and will be able to narrow down what mechanisms to put on our final robot in the coming days. At the start of the meeting, team captains met and discussed our goals for today and future meetings. Collectively, we wanted to have the 2 wheel shooter prototype done and testable by lunch, move field pieces such as the boiler and hopper into the band room, make and possibly test gear prototypes, and begin to design a way to move wiffle balls from our collection system to the shooter. This part of the robot will not be designed until after the design team has tested and narrowed down their prototypes. At competition, we want the shooter to be a completely independent control from the robot. One driver will drive the robot and the other will aim and control the shooter.

Our 2 wheel shooter prototype was finished and tested before lunch. It worked to propel the wiffle balls through the air but was very inconsistent with how far it shot.

Programmers were able to push code to the 1 wheel shooter as well so we could test the shooting mechanism. We found that it shot much more consistently than the 2 wheel shooter. After it was tested, we tried using a different, smoother wheel. When tested, it shot less consistently than the wheels with treads we had on the prototype originally so we will be reverting back to our original idea.


Team members began to model gear collecting ideas with cardboard and built replica gears with cardboard and wood. 2 actual prototypes are ready to be mounted on the sleds. When tested using the loading station, both of them worked to hold the gear.

Most of the programming team members helped the electrical team today with the pneumatics test board and with wiring prototypes. This included researching how to wire limit switches on the roboRIO. The rest of the programming team worked on perfecting their code for the one and two wheel shooters.

Towards the end of the meeting we tested our rope climbing mechanism using last year’s robot. We were able to drive up to the rope and lift the robot off the ground! Now, we must work on doing this faster.

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