Sunday Meeting: 1/22/2017

With the help of the design and drafting teams, Ozone continues to hammer out new ideas and prototypes every meeting. The team is on it’s way to having driveable sleds with prototype mechanisms on them to test.

The programming and electrical teams continue to add parts to the pneumatic test board and attempt to fix the faulty roboRIO. The programming team is working not only on programming the prototypes, but they are also working on visual acquisition, something that we struggled with last year at competition, and working with the kangaroo computer.

The fabrication team continues to build the new chassis. They wired motors for the wheels and did some speed testing on them. They are also making more replica gears.

One group consisting of members from the design and electrical team tested a gear holding prototype to see how fast it would swivel and how it would place a gear onto the hook. The programming team then worked on coding the pneumatics portion of this prototype.

Gear collectors are being mounted onto multiple sleds. A rope climbing mechanism and a gear collecting mechanism were mounted onto last year’s robot, Margo. The fabrication team began to mount another gear mechanism onto the 2 wheel shooter robot. They also made a platform for the robot so that the shooter will be able to move and swivel back and forth.

Ball collection and holding prototypes continue to be modified. Modifications to the one wheel shooter prototype and the rope climbing prototype are also being made as more tests are being done. A new ball shooting prototype is in it’s first stages of construction. It’s being made using PVC pipe and wood.

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