Saturday Build Update: 1/28/2017

As the build season progresses, Ozone gets closer and closer to making important decisions regarding our volume measurements and mechanisms. Right now, we are most likely going to go with the wider, but shorter, volume measurement. This allows space for more mechanisms and we also have less or a risk of tipping over.

The design and drafting teams are working on a tipper idea that would bring balls from our hopper into our shooter. They are also testing different sizes of hoppers at different distances from the field hopper.

2 gear prototypes continue to be modified and tested. One hold the gear horizontally and flips up to place the gear onto the peg. This prototype collects gears inconsistently: sometimes it gets caught on the L channel and other times it slides too far into the robot. However, even if the gear comes down the loading station and is held at an angle, it still works to place the gear on the peg. Fabricators and electrical team members are looking to put a sort of backboard onto it so gear don’t slide as much. Programmers are beginning to write code for it that would move it up and down.Lifting Gear Prototype

The other prototype holds the gear vertically and places it on the peg by using pneumatics to open up it’s frame. This was tested on the band room tile but was moving around too much as we tested it on the carpet. Sometimes gears get stuck when being loaded, but with an ultrasonic range finder we could be able to line up our robot at the exact distance we need for the gear to slide into the mechanism perfectly.

Programmers tested the ultrasonic equipment that we currently have to figure out how far it’s range is. It has a good narrow range but if a ball passes by it picks up that and not the reflective tape, which is on the boiler at competition. In order to counter this, the drafting team will need to 3D print a type of tunnel to limit the range. Team members made small shields out of max metal to fit this function for the moment.

A fabrication team member took apart our prototype robot from last year in order to use it’s parts to build our competition and/or final prototype robot for this year.

A mentor lead a soldering tutorial today to teach new and returning members better, ways to solder.

New prototypes continue to be designed as we expand off of previous ideas. A new climbing prototype is being made out of PVC pipe and velcro.

A new one wheel shooter prototype with a different type of wheel and pneumatics is in development. It was able to be tested today and in future meetings the fabrication team will be making a kind of gutter to gravity feed balls into the shooter.

Amidst all the craziness, we still have fun

Happy Birthday, Boys!
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