Sunday Build Update: 1/29/2017

Ozone is entering it’s final stages of prototype building and is beginning to build it’s final practice and competition robots.

The one-wheel shooter was tested with a metal feeder tunnel and it worked with the prototype to shoot balls fairly consistently. A new tunnel is being made out of a different material and will be tested in the near future.

Electrical team members built parts of a new electrical board for a new chassis. Fabrication team members mounted a new barrel-style ball collector onto it and tested it with the variable speed tester in order to place curved max metal on it in the correct spot. The team also mounted a cardboard hopper, feeder tunnel, and one-wheel shooter prototype onto it. It was able to be tested at the end of the day and although balls sometimes jammed when going down the feeder tunnel and into the shooter, the prototype robot otherwise worked to load and shoot balls.

Another prototype that was tested today was the velcro rope climber. Although it doesn’t feed the rope into the mechanism very well, it works to lift 150lbs up. Changes to it still need to be made, as lifting the 150lbs broke a 3D printed part inside of the mechanism.

The drafting team 3D printed 2 cones to attempt to limit the ultrasonic range finder. The programming team tested both tunnels, and sadly neither of them worked to limit the range enough to ignore balls that roll along the ground. The range finder still picks up any wiffle balls further than about 3 feet away.

Other team members worked on making buttons and worked with the LED light with the test board.


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