Sunday Build Update: 2/5/2017

The team was finally able to test a stable, functioning, prototype robot today and continues to prepare for competition.

Fabricators worked on building more pegs for the airship.

The programming team is still testing and modifying it’s visual acquisition code. They are correcting their code so the LED light picks up the reflective tape, and only the reflective tape. If a peg or ball comes between the camera and the reflective tape on the boiler, the code needs to accommodate for that. The gear box should move according to what the camera detects from the light. The team also discussed where to place the camera on the robot. They also continue to test ultrasonic code and the wheel shooter.

The electrical team began to wire LED rope lights that will decorate our robot and pit at competition.

The drive team discussed how we would like to use data analysis to scout at competition. Last year, rotating team members would watch matches and record information on our phones about what other teams could do. This helped us not only play defensively against other teams, but also helped us pick allies, if we would have gotten into the top 8. This year, we hope this information could also help us help our allies. For example, if we know the other 2 robots on our team can get gears very efficiently, we can focus on getting balls. We need to decide how many people will be scouting at one time and who might be our scouting captain for this year in the near future.

All necessary components were finished being put on the prototype robot today. After learning the button controls from coders, and fixing some enabling/disabling issues, drivers were able to test it. After the first test, the roof had to be fixed with cardboard because balls were hitting the roof and coming back out of the robot. Also, the shooter on the robot needed more power to reach the height we need it to go. The drivers then tested it again. Sometimes, balls got stuck and the robot had to jiggle in order to shoot. Towards the end of the test, the weather stripping on the ball collector came off. Luckily, this was easily fixed by putting flaps on the collector instead of just wrapping weather stripping around the barrel.

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