Monday Build Update

Team 4611 continues to prepare for competition. Stop build day is just 2 weeks away! The drive team continues to practice moving around the field with our prototype robot in between modifications.Our current prototype robot meets the FRC height requirement, all we need to do is figure out how to meet the length requirement. However, we are adding the rope climbing mechanism and gear grabber onto the robot at our next meeting, so more adjustments may need to be made to meet the volume requirements. The drive team has been practicing with the prototype robot to find out who will be in charge of which buttons(who will be moving the robot, collecting balls, shooting, etc). They also are deciding when the ball collector should be running if it interferes with shooting.

They tested loading balls from the human player station to see if any would go into the shooter and get stuck. This did happen, but very rarely. The fabrication and drive team members continue to work together to attempt to fix the issue of the balls getting stuck in the shooter by adding cardboard inside the robot.

Towards the end of the meeting today, new ultrasonic code was pushed to the robot. In the near future, the programming team hopes to make a smart dashboard so the drivers will be able to adjust the speed of the shooter and collector as needed.

Code was also pushed to our other prototype robot’s wheel shooter.

The programming team continues to work with the LED lights, which we want to put on our robot, code mecanum drive, and work with the kangaroo computer and camera.

This weekend we will bring the airship into the band room and began doing gear test runs. We will possibly be adjusting the map of the field so our timing will be more accurate to what will actually be done at competition. The band room is smaller than the actual arena so we have to cut off unnecessary parts of the field.

The fabrication team worked on reorganizing the shop and cutting styrofoam to fit tools into.

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