Monday Build Update: 2/13/2017

Team members are planning how bumpers are going to fit on the final robot. The electrical team began mounting electronics and pneumatics to the outside of it’s plexiglass walls. The inter-workings of the robot are still being built. The ramp for the ball collector to the hopper was added today.

The drive team began today’s meeting by practicing collecting and dropping off gears. Each driver did multiple trials to become familiar with the layout of the field and how to move on it. When the gear is released, it rests on the ball collector and is then pushed onto the peg. The fabrication team built the rope hanger and it was brought into the band room so the rope climber could also be tested. Our robot was able to climb up and down by itself. The drive team tested feeding the rope into the robot using different knots and moving it in different ways. They also timed how long it takes from the time we touch the rope to the time we touch the touchpad.

The electrical team finished wiring the board on the mecanum robot and the programming team was able to began pushing code to it and testing it. They also tested the code for the tape LED lights, which worked! The lights can change to red, blue and green. The variable speed testers were finishes and put into their 3D printed cases. The team also finished redoing battery wiring on the visual acquisition test robot.

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