Blastoff in 2019! OZone FRC Robotics is back and stronger than ever! This year’s challenge… Destination: Deep Space!

The Mission:
Store Cargo in the cargo ship and rockets around the arena. The catch: Cargo storage areas are angled, so hatch panels are necessary to keep it from rolling out! Each hatch panel attached is worth 2 game points, and cargo stored is worth 3.
There are 8 bays, or loading docks, in the center apparatus. Three on the left and ride sides, and two facing the drive station. On each rocket, there are 6 bays, at three different levels. The first level is at similar height to the cargo ship’s bays, but the other two are mounted above creating three different heights. If a team successfully completes the first rocket, a Ranking Point is earned! But caution, only the first rocket completed scores a ranking point.
There is no autonomous portion of the Deep Space Challenge. Instead, for the first 15 seconds, a sandstorm will separate the drive station and field. Teams may use either autonomous code or vision systems, like cameras, to bypass the problem.
At the end of the match, robots must return to the HAB, the starting platforms. Game points may be scored based on where the robots are on the close of the match. On the lowest platform, 3 points are scored per robot. On level 2: 6 points, and on the highest, level 3, 12 points are added. If a team achieves 15 points or more this way, they score an additional ranking point.

Up to FOUR ranking points may be scored in a match.

  • Win more game points than the opposing team. (2 RP)
  • Complete one entire Rocket apparatus with Cargo and Hatch Panels. (1 RP)
  • Achieve 15 scoring points on the HAB at the end of the round. (1 RP)

The game is on! Building has begun, and the competition underway! Stay tuned for updates on OZone’s fantastic trip through Deep Space!

The match field layout. Each team take one color. Cargo ships are in the center, rockets on the edges.
Photo credit: © 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition

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