Saturday Build Update – 2/2/19 – Camera Work

Today, two cameras are in development. Not only is the PixyCam2 is getting some touching up, but a Webcam has joined the OZone roster! So, how did the left picture become the right…?

Programmer Mitch worked the Webcam this morning. His goal: have the camera identify the location of orange cargo and only orange cargo. The program works itself in three steps. First, it takes the picture and blurs and dilates it, allowing it to eliminate dust particles and most shadows and shiny spots. It then converts that image to black and white, with all colors becoming black except for orange circles. Then, it draws vibrant lines around the circle’s perimeter and replaces the white circle with black. This leaves only the outline of the orange ball. Tomorrow, the program will be changed to create a four cornered shape outlining the ball to replace the circle, for further consistency. This idea is called a “Bounding Box.”

Other programmers are making sure the PixyCam2 is able to identify the reflective tape strips. There may be other white on the field, robots or props, so it is very important the camera doesn’t confuse them.

The conveyor in its current state.

In other news, there is also a new issue with the Conveyor prototype. Its motors have started stalling and occasionally started smoking. Reconstruction of the model is underway.

Teams also finished training apparatuses by attaching Velcro for the hatch panels today. One of the ball launcher prototypes was attached to the elevator robot, and the maximum speed of the elevator was tested. Operators were told to go “as fast as possible without major destruction,” and have tested the motor at as high of a speed as 1800 rotations per minute (rpm).

Tomorrow, both cameras will work in conjunction, layered on each other, and the newly attached ball launcher will be tested!

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