9/29/19 – Fall Open House!!!

Today’s OZone Open House was fantastic! Tons of prospective teammates came! Before the event, the team returned to the shop for some maintenance, cleaning up and even fixing some machines…

The first of our two larger 3D Printers, named “Grilled” and “Cheese,” had pieces of hardened support filament stuck all over the place! What a mess!!! Senior Ethan and Freshman Jason made quick work of it though, even pulling a few bells and whistles off temporarily to reach the excess.

Some Pieces of the dismantled Prototype bot.

As the Open House Started, it had a ton of visitors, from all four schools, but most from Olentangy High School. With more than 25 new high schoolers signing up on the sign in sheet, we simply cannot wait for the year to come!!!

Stay sharp, as this upcoming weekend is the CORI event, a local competition in off-season simply to mess around with the robots of the previous season. It’ll be a ton of fun!

Ethan Describing the CAD and Scouting Process

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