Our History

We have been manufacturing and designing robots for FIRST since autumn of 2012. Here is an archive of the competitions we have participated in.


Challenge: Ultimate Ascent

Competitors are challenged with the task of shooting frisbees into the goals and climbing a 3 level pyramid.

Buckeye Regionals:

  • Highest Rookie Seed
  • Rookie All-Star Award


Challenge: Aerial Assist

Competitors use their robot to shoot balls into the lower or high goal. The robot start in the white zone and shoot balls during autonomous. Once the autonomous period is over, players drop the ball into the field and robots pick it up and shoot it into the goals.

Buckeye Regionals:

  • First Deans List Finalist Award


Challenge: Recycle Rush

In this challenge, competitors will have to take totes, recycling bins, and “liter” (pool noodles) in the bins and stack them in the scoring area to score points. Teams can also gain points by throwing “liter” into the opposing alliances team. This can only be counted if the “liter” is off the scoring area.

Buckeye Regionals:

  • First Deans List Finalist Award
  • First Deans List Finalist Award


Challenge: Stronghold

Before the match starts, players choose the best selection for their robots but the third defense changes depending on audience choice. When robots start, they are in the center called the Neutral Center. They are given a 15 second autonomous period where they can cross their enemy’s defense and score points by shooting their pre-loaded “boulder” (foam ball) into the castle. Once drivers can gain control of their robot, the robots cross over the defenses twice to damage them. Once the defenses have been damaged, players can shoot boulders into the tower and damage it. This causes the flag to fall down. Once the flag has fallen, players cling and climb onto the rungs and capture the tower. Once the alliance’s team is raised, the match is over.

Buckeye Regionals:

  • Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox


Challenge: Steamworks

Before the match, players will be at the top of their airship. Robots in this event will have to load fuel and gears into their airship. In the first 15 seconds of the match, robots will autonomously shoot fuel into the boiler or or deliver gears to the airship. Once the autonomous period is over, drivers will drive the robots to collect as much fuel and deliver gears. The airship has rotors that can’t be powered up because gears are missing. Robots find and deliver gears up to the players and players will place them in the gear train for the rotors to become engaged. Fuel for the boiler travels to the airship and the winner will be determined by who has the most amount of pressure in their boiler.

Buckeye Regionals


Challenge: Power Up

In 2018’s event called Power Up that has 2 teams of 3 different robots called alliances. The alliances work against eachother to score more point on the scale or the switch and to defeat the boss by having most points and having all 3 team members climb tower at the end of the game. Before the game starts each robot can start with a cube preloaded on the robot. more cubes are available at powercube piles or at fence nearest to the on each alliances side. The competition starts with a 15 second autonomous period for the robots to run on their own, after the 15 seconds the game switches to remote control. Power Up also has power ups for the robots to use. The powerups are Force, gives the alliance ownership of the scale switch or both temporarily, Levitate gives free climb to a member of the alliance at the end of the game instead of climbing tower, and finally Boost gives 2x points for 10 seconds on scale or switch or bothfor the alliance. Powerups earned by passing powercubes through the alliance’s exchange for the alliance to collect then and place in vault powercubes passed through the teams exchange can also be delivered back to the robot.

Name of Robot: Art3mis

Buckeye Regionals

Miami Regionals


Challenge: Destination: Deep Space

In 2019’s event called Deep Space that was sponsored by boeing 2 teams of 3 different robots called alliances. Alliances work to score more points then enemy alliances by placing cargo in the space ship and/or the cargo ship, and securing the hatch to gain points. Before the game starts teams can preload their cargo ship with cargo or a cargo hatch. Game starts with a warning sand storm which blocks the drivers vision which gives them 2 options either have the robot run autonomously or be remotely controlled by the alliances with the robots onboard camera. During the end of the match all robots must return to the base before the sand storm hits, and gain points, to gain more points during the end of the game teams can climb up the habitat before the sandstorm hits ending the game.

Name of Robot: Blue

Miami Regionals

Buckeye Regionals:

  • FIRST Deans List Finalist Award


Challenge: Infinite Recharge

In this challenge, competitors need to create a shield for their city by shooting power ports (foam balls) into the shield generator. In the first 20 seconds, robots will be autonomous and shoot power ports into the shield generator. Once the autonomous period is over, robots will continue to find power ports and shoot them into the shield generator. The shield generator will then light up a specific color and robots will have to spin the wheel to that color. Once the match is almost over, the robot will have to make their shield operational by climbing up to the the generator switch.

Miami Regionals

* Cancelled during season because of covid *


Challenge: Infinite Recharge at Home

In this event, robots are tasked to complete obstacles that are set up at home. The obstacles tasked are: Powerport, Interstellar, Autonav, Hyperdrive, and Galactic Search. In Galactic, robots would have to complete an autonomous obstacle of their choosing. To measure shooting accuracy. robots are challenged with Powerport and Interstellar shoot onto a 3 ringed target. To test driver’s mobility, Hyperdrive challenges drivers to drive around an obstacle as fast as they can.

Name of Robot: Agnes

Upper Ohio Rive Region Awards Event

Sodium Group – INFINITE RECHARGE at Home Challenge Event

  • Skills Competition Finalist


Challenge: Rapid React

In 2022’s event called Rapid React that was sponsored by Boeing 2 teams of 3 different robots called alliances. Alliances work to score more points then enemy alliances by placing cargo in the lower hub and the upper hub. Before the game starts teams can preload their robots with 1 cargo each, and can collect and score additional cargo. Then the drivers have remote control for 2 minutes and 15 seconds of remote control to score cargo in the upper and lower hubs, and at the end of the game can score more points be by climbing the rungs their of the hang bar.

Name of Robot: Noodles

Buckeye Regionals: CHAMPIONS!

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