Buckeye Regional: Saturday Qualifications and Finals

The Buckeye Regional competition ended this evening. The team won 6 qualification matches and lost 3. At its peak, Ozone was ranked 7 out of 60 teams. At the end of the qualification matches, we were placed 15th. Throuhout the day, members of team 4611 attempted to fix the gear grabber and autonomous code by … Continue reading Buckeye Regional: Saturday Qualifications and Finals

Buckeye Regional: Practice Rounds

After a long day of hard work, fun, and dedication, day one of the Buckeye Regional FIRST robotics competition comes to a close tonight. In between our practice matches, programmers worked on fixing autonomous code and the LED ring and other team members worked on tightening the gear grabber and replacing weather stripping used on … Continue reading Buckeye Regional: Practice Rounds

Buckeye Regional Competition: Wednesday

Team 4611 has been working extremely hard on the days leading up to the Buckeye Regional competition. On Monday, team members going to Cleveland met to cover room and scouting assignments, and to pack up the pit. The team has expanded upon it's scouting program from last year, and has created an app that can … Continue reading Buckeye Regional Competition: Wednesday