Meet our Robots

2022 : NOODLES

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2021 : Agnes

2021 Robot Agnes was designed to complete multiple events in our competition, Infinite Recharge At Home. In this event, competitors were assigned to record and submit videos completing their assigned tasks. We chose to compete in the shooting competitions known as Power Port and Interstellar, and the driving competitions, AutoNav and Hyperdrive. For the shooting competitions, our robot uses the carousel to feed the ball into the shooter. The shooter hood is adjustable and used to aim the ball into the target. Using swerve modules, the robot is able to swiftly move through the driving obstacle courses.

2019 : Blue

From the competition Destination: Deep Space, Blue was developed with the goal saving our “hatch panels” (discs) and “cargo” (foam balls) from the sweeping sandstorm. In the beginning of the match, the shutters lowered; blocking the drivers view. We put a camera on Blue to maneuver the robot off the platform. After 15 seconds, our robot drives around the field in search of “hatch panels” and “cargo” to load into the rockets and cargo ships. Our driver would install the hatch panels with Velcro strips onto the rockets and cargo ships . Blue used a hook to pull the panel off of the wall and onto the space ships. For the cargo, the robot used the tusks as an intake for the ball and could be lowered in the space ship or loaded in the higher goals using the elevator for more points.

2018 : Art3mis

Art3mis, built for the Power Up Competition, was designed to carry and place crates. The challenge that year was to be able to place crates in “switches” to gain control and earn points. The side that is lopsided would be considered to be in control by that particular alliance and they would earn points for however long that switch is in control by them.